Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charles

Senor Lecturer

Contacts:+256 782 353 775



Dr Charles Kakuhikire Twesigye is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological sciences, Faculty of Science, Kyambogo University.

He possesses a PhD with a specialisation in Molecular Biology and Natural Resources from Makerere University, Uganda.
My specialisation is in the use of genetics and genomics tools in assessing genetic diversity of natural and introduced populations of plant and animal species. The use of genetics and genomics tools is critical in the sustainable management of natural resources and has great potential in modern plant and animal breeding for crop and animal improvement.
During the last 31 years of service at Kyambogo University, I have supervised a number of both graduate and undergraduate student’s research to completion. I have also participated in the development of Masters and PhD programs in the Department of Biological Sciences. I am the coordinator of the PhD program in Biological Sciences and Faculty of Science Representative on the Kyambogo University STI Task Force Committee.

Area of Speciality:
Environment and Natural Resources; Conservation Science, Agricultural Biotechnology, Social-Ecological Water Resources, Genetics, Genomics and Molecular Biology.

Research Interests:
Biodiversity Conservation: Social-Ecological Water Resources Management; Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation ; Genetic Resources, Natural Resources Conservation and Management; Aquaculture production and management, and Quaternary Science.

Current projects:

  1. Effects of Oil Exploration on Large Mammals in Murchison-Semliki
    Landscape[ Funded by KyU]
  2. Social-Ecological Water Resources Management in the Lake Victoria Basin [Funded by Appear]


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