Department Committees


1Appointments, Promotions and staff Development/Management Committee, Finance, Budget, Procurement and Welfare committee

Chair- Dr. Norah MutekangaMbeiza

Dr. Asiyo Sanyu Grace

Dr. DumbaRobinah

Dr. Otaala Justine

Ass. Prof. Charles Twesigye

Dr. Asio Santa Maria

Dr. Nakayinga Ritah

Mr. Masaba Geoffrey

Ms. Nakamya Rebecca

 Dr. Fiona Mutekanga

a) carry out a needs assessment for recruitment of new staff.

b) recommend new appointments

c) receive staff requests for promotion

d) recommend staff to Faculty Appointments Board for promotion

e) receive and handle discipline cases and recommend appropriate actions

f) carry out needs assessment for the department

g) draw up the budget, work plan and procurement plan

h) follow up requisitions and claims

i) prepare a financial report

j) consider staff welfare

2Research Grants and Publications, Library and Information Committee

Chair- Dr. Dumba Robinah

Mr. Okecha Jonathan

Dr. Otaala Justine

Ass. Prof. Charles Twesigye

Dr. Asio Santa Maria

Ms. Nakitoolo Petronella

Dr. Nakayinga Ritah

Mr. Amatre Gerald

a) receive Staff Research Proposals for funding

b) receive staff Research requests for Journal Publications

c) receive staff requests for conference attendance

d) receive requests for seminar, conference, workshop, symposia, colloquia organization

e) receive and consider students research

f) carry out a needs assessment for required books, journals,

g) ICT Technology, equipment and services

h) recommend procurement of books, journals, ICT equipment and services.

i) keep a record of available books in different libraries

j) ensure the departmental library is up to date

k) oversee the borrowing and returning of departmental books

3Examinations Committee

Chair- Ms. Nakamya Rebecca

Mr. Amatre Gerald

Ms. Tusiime Mary Gorretti

Ms. Nakitoolo Petronella

Mr. Okecha Jonathan

Dr. Fiona Mutekanga

Dr. Dumba Robinah

a) Identify senior staff to moderate examination

b) identify and recommend External Examiners

c) Handle Exam malpractices

d) Handle examination results

e) handle exam complaints from students

4Programmes and Timetable committee/ Post graduate

Chair- Dr. TwesigyeCharles. K

Dr. Otaala Justine

Dr. Nakayinga Ritah

Dr. Fiona Mutekanga

Dr. Asio Santa Maria

Dr. Asiyo Sanyu Grace

Dr. Norah Mutekanga.M

a) carry out a needs assessment for new programmes

b) designing of new programmes

c) review of curriculum

d) ensure time table is ready in time with room allocation

e) ensure that lectures for different programmes are conducted

f) coordinate Post Graduate Programmes

g) carry out student’s orientation.

h) guide students on options offered

i) ensuring curriculum is reviewed and updated

j) attend to the students’ issues

k) ensure time tabling and teaching are done

l) assess and approve research topics and supervisors

m) recommend research examiners

n) ensure moderation and proof reading of exams done