About us

Our Department is here to support and develop life science skills among postgraduate and undergraduate students. Hence improve capacity building of individuals that can sustainably explore the natural world to develop resilient solutions to global challenges. The Department of Biological Science consist of courses on Animal, Microbial, Biotech, Public health, Conservation and Plant Sciences. Training is based on world class teaching and research.

About Us

The Department of Biological Sciences is headed by Dr Asio Santa Maria. It was formed in 2003, merging from previous Department of Biology at Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo (UPK) and the Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo. Since the formation of Kyambogo University in 2003, the Biological Sciences Department has been spearheading in the training of highly practical and skilled life scientists both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Graduates from this Department have used learned skills in biotech, education and research to support sustainable development nationally and internationally.

The Department has highly trained Academic staff comprising of one Associate Professors, ten experienced staff with PhD level training, and two assistant lecturers (PhD candidates). These have diverse expertise in specific areas of Natural resources conservation, Entomology, Parasitology, Biotechnology, Water science, Molecular biology, Environment Sciences and Public Health. They are supported by five highly trained and experienced technicians. In addition, the Department works in partnership with experts from national and international organisations.

Our research programmes focus on technologies for natural resource conservation, public health and bio-inspired innovations. This is done in partnership with other Universities at national and international level.

Vision, Mission & Goal


To be a Center of Academic and Professional Excellence in Biological Sciences and Technology Training, Research, Innovation and Community Service.


To produce graduates with positive attitudes and values well equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Biological sciences, Technology, Conservation and Public Health relevant for service, sustainable development and transformation of society.

Core values

Professionalism, Integrity, Innovation, Quality, Service and Teamwork

Department Objectives

  1. Produce Competent Graduates of Biological Sciences, Technology, Conservation and Public Health who will effectively deliver services in the classrooms, schools, research institutions, Medical/Agricultural/school laboratories etc. and other places of work.
  2. Provide training in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, conservation and Public Health.
  3. Promote Competence, excellence and professional leadership in academics and socio economic sectors.
  4. Provide academic and professional knowledge to bioscientists, technologists, conservationists and Public Health specialists with an insight in education and science innovation.
  5. Initiate and promote applied interdisciplinary research in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, conservation and Public Health.
  6. Provide quality service to students and community in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, conservation and Public Health.

Our Strengths

  1. Experienced providers of career focused education
  2. Innovative research and development ethos
  3. Community focused Service and consultancy
  4. Professionalism, Integrity and quality service
  5. Expert training with hands on high practical content in all our courses
  6. Modern Teaching facilities

Join us for a bright career

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